Learn How To Burglar Proof Sliding Door In Malaysia

Why Burglars Love Sliding Glass Doors & How to Burglar-Proof Yours

You’re in love with that large, sliding glass patio door as it would let it so much natural light? In fact, the burglars are in love with them, too.

The one thing that you consider as a beautiful home feature may very well be a welcome sign for burglars. And that one thing is sliding glass doors, as according to a former burglar.

How To Enhance Your Security for Glass Sliding Door In Malaysia?

  1. Bypassing the “lock”

The type of lock that secures most sliding glass doors are usually just a latch, which is not reliable to keep burglars from accessing your home. You may be good on having your sliding glass doors locked, but it may not be sufficient to deter an experienced thief. The locks that come built-in with most sliding doors are a little more than simple latches, and they can be easily circumvented by most would-be burglars by just jiggling the door a bit.

Security Solutions:

Your Option of Sliding Door Lock In Malaysia

Traditional sliding door locks

The type of lock that is typically found in sliding door is just a bolt that attaches to the sliding door. The bolt would slide up into the door frame to secure it when it’s shut. A key is then used to have the bolt locked in position.

Double bolt locks

This sliding door lock is a newer type. Double bolt locks come in 2 pieces, with one that attached to the sliding door, and another to the frame of your door. When the door is shut, the piece attached to the frame will nest inside the other piece that is attached to the door. Then, metal bolts would slide into the piece attached to the frame to have the door secured.

Door sensors

Glass break sensors are included in alarm systems, and their function is to detect the sound made by glass when it breaks. When it detected a sound, the system in place would alert you or your monitoring center. For a security system which has video surveillance attached to it, the camera would be triggered to record the activity taken place so that you can submit the video for further investigations by police.

Another commonly used sensor for home security is a door/window sensor. This may not be of help if someone broke through the glass, but it monitors for open or close movement, and it would trigger the alarm if someone has forced open a door.

  1. They’re easy to break or dislocate.

While sliding glass doors are aesthetically nice and can have a room lit up brightly, they are actually not as secure as a door made of solid wood or steel. A thief could get in by just pushing the doors off their tracks or breakthrough the glass panel, as these two are not very difficult to pull off. While it may take more work and may also attract attention, it’s still a vulnerability that can be exploited by a determined burglar.

Security Solutions:

Sliding Door Locks.

Get a better sliding glass door lock installed, consider all the locks options from the #1 section as these locks are effective to prevent thieves from lifting the door out of its frame.

Security bars

These are strong metal bars that attach to the door frame at one side, and they then fold or extend into place to brace against the sliding door to have it locked into place.

  1. Breaking the glass

A thief can still break in through your patio door even with working door sensors and the best door lock in place, just by breaking the glass. You may be thinking, “Won’t that create a lot of noise?”

Well, you’re right. But when you’re away from home, they can still manage to load a bunch of stuff before anyone arrives. Moreover, if they have identified a target item beforehand and they think that they can get in and out fast enough, they would take the chance. They would just smash the glass, head inside to grab it, then just take off. Even if you’re at home, you may not be able to stop them.

Security Solutions:

Window Film

You can apply films on your own, or get the professional’s help to have the film installed properly. The films are available at just any hardware store, or you can get security film from 3M.

The 3M films offer impressive performance but would require professional installation. Unlike the other films which may look like a shower curtain, 3M films would blend with the door’s glass. The film functions by making the glass shatter proof and would have all the shards hold in place in case of breakage. The burglar would smash the glass successfully, but he wouldn’t be able to get through the film, as the film will stay in place protected by multiple shared of glass.

Window film can only function for glass, but there are other vulnerable areas.

Impact-resistant sliding door

Many companies in the window and door business make “hurricane-proof” or impact-resistant sliding doors that cannot be broken easily. The down sides are they are costly, heavy, and can be difficult to install.


There should be at least three locking points to sliding patio doors, and also an anti-lifting device to prevent the doors from being lifted up and removed. Bi-fold doors are the good alternative to patio doors, and these doors have good built-in security measures. No wonder bi-fold doors are increasingly popular.

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