Your Handbook For Getting Skylight Roof In Malaysia

Benefit of Installing Skylights Roof in Malaysia

Skylights can lit up a home with natural light, but this is not the only benefit it offers. There are other perks too:

  • Your dark bathroom or hallway that lack windows can be brightened up.
  • Able to capture 30% more light as compared to standard windows.
  • You can decrease the use of light fixtures to save on lighting costs.
  • Cooling costs can be trimmed as vented skylights allow heat to escape.
  • Provide a view that wouldn’t be available when conventional lighting in use.
  • A room would appear to be more spacious.

What to Consider When Buying Skylights

It takes just a small skylight to bring a big difference to a dark room.

Skylights would lit up dark rooms. The look and feel of the rooms can be greatly altered even with small units. You can choose from many brands and several styles of skylights, and the five tips below can help you make your choice when choosing them.

  1. How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is probably one crucial factor to consider when getting skylights as we all are forced to spend within our means. It would be wise to look into cost-effectiveness rather than into the cost of the skylights itself. That said, it may not be cheap to use cheap skylights. And as cheap they can be, they usually don’t last long and would even leak when the rain comes. That’s why it would be wiser to invest your money in a more expensive skylight unit which is of high durability and certainly wouldn’t leak.

Polycarbonate Roof Price Malaysia

The polycarbonate panels themselves are generally lower in cost than comparable panels made out of glass, wood or metals. At average it cost around the RM18/Sqft.

  1. How Big Should It Be?

Skylights come in sizes which range from a small 8” tubular window up to one with the length of your roof ridge. Every other size in between these two is available too. As for home use skylights, the maximum diameter or width of the usable skylights is determined by the space between the home’s roof trusses. While most modern homes’ trusses are spaced 24 inches apart, houses that are older may have trusses closer together at approximately 16 inches apart. Another measurement that may be considered in the decision of skylight dimensions is the room size. The whole idea is that the skylight surface should be as big as 5 to 10% of the room area.

  1. What Type Of Gazing Should You Use?

Glass vs. Plastic

Skylights are typically made of either plastic or glass. You can have insulating factors and a clearer view with glass, and these are what plastics couldn’t offer.

Glass Roof Malaysia


The more expensive skylights usually come with glass gazing. Unlike plastic, glass does not discolor and is more durable. Glass is usually found on the more expensive skylights. Glass is more durable than plastics and does not discolor. It is compulsory that all glass utilized for skylights to be made of “safety glazing”, a widely used term for both laminated and tempered glass. While laminated glass is produced with a thin layer or plastic embedded near the center of the glass, tempered glass is found to be most impact resistant. Both of these prevent the glass from shattering into large, sharp pieces. Skylights are commonly found to have laminated pane on the interior side and a tempered glass on the exterior side. This way, the skylight would have maximum impact resistance and can protect occupants from falling shards of glass.

Polycarbonate Roof Malaysia

Plastic Glazing

Plastic glazing is less liable to break than most other glazing materials while also typically cheaper. However, the plastic surface can be easily scratched, and prone to be discolored and become brittle over time. Also, unless a special film is used to coat the plastic, most of the ultraviolet (UV) rays could penetrate through it and in turn increases fading damage to furnishings.Malaysia is a land of intense sunlight with high levels of UV rays. Polycarbonate roofing is an ideal for those building projects that want to let a lot of sunlight in without incurring the damaging effects of UV rays

The most widely used plastic glazing include polycarbonates and acrylics. Polycarbonate’s material is of higher impact resistance and will withstand impacts from falling debris, birds, and other objects, but some of them would become yellowish as time goes. Acrylics are cheaper, but they’re weaker than polycarbonates.

Skylight Roof Semenyih, Beranang or Mantin Area

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