Guideline For Picking The Best Safety Door In Malaysia

Tips For Picking Best Safety Door In Malaysia

You might know how to make a door look good, but beyond this, how can a door be solid and also reliable? From the many types of doors you’re looking at, be it for entrance, bi-folding or patio doors, the new doors are supposed to comply with a wide range or requirements, just to be sure you can be safe, comfortable and warm on the other side of the door. In case you’re in doubt, we’re here to help. We’re professionals well-equipped with experience and knowledge on this subject, and we can help guide you so that you can confidently buy a quality external door.

How Important Is Door Security?

The front door is where 70% of the burglars targeted when attempting to gain access to a one’s home, and 25% of break-ins happen due to weak uPVC handles’ cylinder locks being forced through. The chances of suffering a break-in can be reduced by upgrading your door to a more secured one, and you can even save another sum on home insurance.

Concerning security, a door can only go as far as its weakest part. So you have to ensure that the glazing, hardware and frames would work altogether to prevent unauthorized entry, as this is fundamental to your home’s security.

Good doors come with strong frames and hinges, coupled with a key lockable handle and multi-point locking. Toughened glass is another important feature. Get the security credentials checked, and ensure the doors are certified to PAS 24:2012. On the other hand, not really about doors, you should make use of blinds and curtains with the patio door so that your valuables can remain unseen outside.

As 15% of burglaries don’t happen due to forced entry of any type, remembering to keep your doors locked is crucial too.

What Kind Of Security Door Do You Need?

It all comes down to the level of security that you want and what kind of look you want for your home. You may want to install a steel door which comes with a steel grille if you’re living in a break-in prone neighborhood. If you just want to have a put up for your home to appear to be highly secured and also put off less sophisticated burglars, then it seems enough to just get a sturdy aluminum door. If you’re only looking for an insect screen, probably a cheap aluminum number would do.

What To Look For

There are plenty of various types of doors available, and they come with a myriad of different combinations of styles and features. What you should really be aware of is that some products come with the label which says “security screen door”, but its security is only sufficing when it’s put against flies.


The frame is available in steel or aluminum.

  • Experts in the industry say that a steel door which is of proper
    construction and well installed is the most effective security screen door. Typically, steel doors come with 22 or 24-gauge metal, and the thickness of the material decreases as the number of the metal increases. However, doors manufactured with 24-gauge steel may not last as long when compared to those made with 22-gauge sheet metal. These doors come with paint which is less susceptible to chipping as the material doesn’t bend or flex as easily as steel with higher gauge. Steel doors can provide excellent security while also require low maintenance and also relatively inexpensive. Being available in large variety of colors and styles makes them the common choice when comes to replacement door.
  •  Aluminium is less likely to be corroded as compared to steel.
  • The frame should come with a deep receiver channel for the grille to prevent the edge from being pushed out of the frame easily. Do ensure that the connection between the receiver channel and the main part of the frame is sturdy.
  • The corners should also be reinforced. Doors may come with internal corner stakes which may not be visible to your sight. Corner joints that are fully welded will be stronger and can withstand stronger impact.


  • The infill would come in the form of a decorative motif or plain bars, which can be made from stainless steel mesh, structural grade aluminum perforated sheet, or aluminum grille.
  • The most secured option would be steel bars, grilles or motifs.
  • Aluminum grilles are basically slightly more than flyscreens. Get the heavy-duty ones so your door would look more secure.
  • Made with steel or aluminum frames that are in-filled with woven stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh doors promise security. Moreover, they wouldn’t spoil your view with grilles and bars as looking through them is much like looking through a flyscreen.
  • Structural grade aluminum perforated sheets have a look likened to that of stainless steel mesh, but relatively cheaper and they are new to the market. Industry insiders say they’re as good as stainless steel mesh when it comes to security.


Grilles come with the look of individual windowpanes and have the original look of true divided-light doors. They come in several designs and types, and you can just choose one that matches the architectural style of your home.

Types of door lock

House locks come in many options, but each offering may come in differing levels of security and safety.

  • Mortice deadlock

This is just a lock that is straightforward in which bolt is inserted into the frame when operated using a key. Commonly known as a ‘Chubb lock’, you can frequently see the lock installed within a door frame. Police recommend the use of this type of lock for home security, and many insurance companies even make it a necessity.

Mortice deadlocks are primarily used with timber doors, and they give extra security when paired with a chain and a night latch. While the most secure deadlock is a five lever lock which is certified to be secure according to British Standard BS 3621, three lever locks are available too.

  • Night latch

Some entrance doors come with two locks: one deadlock for securing the door to the frame and conveniently have a second lock. You can leave without a key with night latches as the door latch will lock as you leave. For a handle-less entry, just unlock the door and push, it’s that easy.

Night latches are also known as ‘Yale locks’. For better security, you can secure them from the inside by sliding across a snib button. However, night latches are still paired with a second, mortice deadlock to give additional security,

  • Cylinder lock

The handles of uPVC doors come featured with ‘euro cylinder’ lock which would allow or prevent turning of the handle and door from opening. However, cylinder locks of poor quality are the reason how 25% of burglaries happened. It’s crucial to ensure the usage of that ‘anti-snap’ hardware. Cylinder lock of good quality would come with a British Kitemark star rating.

  • Multi-point, bi-directional locking system

If you’re getting a new door, it’s highly likely that it will come with multi-point locking. The lock is operated using one key, which can activate a series of bolts which enable it to be secured to the frame. Some bolts face down while others curve up so that the door cannot be jemmied or lifted from any angle while the bolts are hooking the frame.

It’s easy to determine whether your door comes with multi-point locking. The handle needs to be lifted before looking the door.

Averagely, doors come with three locking points, but some may have 5 or more hooks. Shootbolt locking is available on some of these doors, in which additional bolts spring into place at the foot and the head of the door.

  • Door chain

The simple yet effective way to keep intruders from having the door open wide enough for entry is the use of door chains. Door chains are fixed onto the frame permanently, and to secure just slide into a track on the door. It’s also advisable to get door chain or a spy hole, as they would give you the power to deal with unwanted guests.

Talk With A Door Expert

When you’re ready, let the professionals come to you. Shopping for entry and patio doors isn’t a regular thing for most people. It’s important to engage a professional for advice and to ensure your project would go well according to plan.

Setting an appointment at home is where you should start, and you just have to see it as shopping from the comfort of your home.We in Home Door Marketing will first seek to understand your needs, provide you with some samples and note down required measurements. The information would facilitate us to send a quotation to you. In normal circumstances, the visit and the quote are free.

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If you wish to have consult for advice and quotation for FREE, don’t hesitate and visit our show room at Home Door Marketing or give us a call at 012-920 1152.

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