Security Door


Security Door is not just a door, it is to protect the security of our family patron saint.

Beneficial Of Having Security Door

✔️ 防盗 Anti-Theft
✔️ 防白蚁 Anti-Termites
✔️ 防生锈 Anti-Rust
✔️ 防撬 Anti-pry
✔️ 预防蚊子 Prevent mosquitoes
✔️ 一支钥匙3秒启动11个锁 1 key to 11 locks in 3 seconds

不需要 / no need
安装铁花 Install door grille
安装木门 Install wooden door
装多个锁头 Install many locks
带一大把钥匙 Bring out with many keys

Your Door Your Way

✔️Can custom made with your ‘fengshui’ Size.
✔️ Can made your security door with open inside and open outside.
✔️Can made your security door with left or right handler.
✔️Can choose with up to 50 design and 5 color.

More than 50 variety of art design to choose!!! Come and visit us to get your free consultation and quotation.