The Must Read Buying Guide For Bi-Fold Doors In Malaysia

Guideline For Getting Bi-Fold Doors in Malaysia

What are the advantages of bi-folding doors?

What should we start with? These doors come with many perks, and some of
them may have never crossed your mind. One example of these is that the doors
can easily slide within the small channel at the bottom and top so that they
remain in line. The design allows you to have floor level on the inside and outside
of your home to remain the same. This offers great convenience if someone in
your house uses a wheelchair. The feature also comes in handy if you have
young children or toddlers who always don’t watch where they’re heading before
going outside. These doors are very practical as they come with no step and you
would worry less.

The doors also come with another key advantage which is in their width. While
the name contains the term ‘bi’, you may easily assume that they come in two
doors. The fact is they would have the minimum of two panels or even more. It’s
possible to have the width of opening up to about one entire wall facing your
garden and have these doors fitted to it. This would enable you to have your
entire room opened up on warmer days, and you would enjoy the spaces inside
and outside the room. This would certainly bring an entirely new feel to your


Bi-Fold Door Buying Guide


One of the many questions which customers typically ask is which type of bi-fold door should they go for?
For the price sensitive, uPVC is the cheapest available bi-folding door solution.
While timber is the most expensive, aluminum sits somewhere around the
middle. One thing to note is that it all comes down to your personal decision
which would be based on the specific requirements that you want, the final
completed look that you want to have and the type of structure that the door
would be installed into. Cost is undeniably an important factor in your
consideration, but you shouldn’t come to a decision by considering only the cost.
Let’s go through a quick guide to each type of door for a better understanding so
you can make the right decision.

  • Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Buyers Guide

Usually the doors come with powder coat and a wide poly-amide thermal break, which gives them a profile of durable and strong aluminum folding doors. All these make them the most popular type of door available in the market.

  • Timber Bi-fold Doors Buyer’s Guide

Make no mistake. These doors are not those low-cost bi-fold doors that are cheaply available at DIY chains. While those cheaply available doors are veneers applied to a cheap timber core, our doors come engineered timber in which twisting and warping are eliminated.

pvc folding door malaysia

  • uPVC Bi-fold Doors Buyers Guide

This type is the most cost-effective. Most customers go for uPVC bi-folding doors so that they will match the uPVC windows that they currently have.


You have to get doors that strike a balance between ease of opening and secure locks. To make things simple, go for those with secure deadlocks which require only a single key to having the doors opened from outside or inside. Their intermediate panels should also have a locking system in place so that the panels cannot be lifted off the tracks. The runners that have the doors attached to the top of the frame should also serve as prevention to panels lifted out of the frame.

You can also add intermediate shoot locks to the door panels. You may not need to use them on a daily basis, but they can come into handy to lock the doors for additional security when you are away for quite a while.


The direct solution is to use full-length curtains, but this choice is unpopular as it would block some light from outside even if the curtains are left open, and also somewhat conceal the sleek look of the bi-folding doors.

One can buy glazed units that come with built-in Venetian blinds which are a somehow satisfying solution, but the glass would be partially obscured. Vertical blinds are either built into the ceiling or housed in a unit on the wall, but they would become a hindrance to access from inside to out.

One good solution is to have built-in screens and shades that move horizontally. Insect screens function as a protection when the doors are opens, and their shades would offer privacy and provide protection from harsh sunlight when the doors are closed. When needed, you can draw the screens and shades from the door jamb, move aside for access. They can be retracted when not in use.


Each door should come supported with strong hinges that are made of stainless steel or some other weather proof material. This would ensure that the panels remain precisely in line so that opening and closing the doors would require only minimum effort. Fixings that are solid built can also make your doors last much longer as they help reduce the wear on the system, making them especially important on bi-fold doors.

Go for those that come with handles on intermediate panels. The handles will enable you to open and close the doors easily, and the fixings and hinges will not be strained.

Don’ts When Choosing A Bi-Fold Door

1. Bi-fold doors come with an external track should be avoided. Some of these bi-fold doors available on the market have an external track for the doors to slide along. These doors are not bi-folding doors built for the purpose, as they just simply adapted the bi-fold doors design so that they seems to work like one. It imposes a security risk because the track can be levered off. A purpose build bi- fold door’s tracks are all built into the frame, so you should get the real thing and not the look-alike.

2. The ‘floating mullions’ should be avoided. We are not for bi-fold doors with “floating mullions”. The extra piece of material that goes between each door leaf is the last thing you need on your bi-fold door, probably even better without. The question that begs answer is why the need for that extra piece? In our opinion, it is not only ugly, but it may and would drop, posing an operation problem.

3. Bottom Rolling or Top Hung? Some suppliers would advise you that bottom rolling is better than top hung, or they may advise the other way round. Don’t believe such crap. We sell both of them, and our honest view is that one is not better than the other. The statement was just used as selling technique by some companies.

4. Don’t decide on buying a door because of the price. The common saying of “you get what you pay for” is very true when comes to buying bi-fold doors.

5. Don’t pay the remaining balance of the job before the door is installed. Some companies out there request for the balance to be paid in full few days before the installation of the door. The risk is that after full payment is already made, then you happen to be in dissatisfaction of the doors when they are installed, you would have less chance of getting a quick and favorable solution. You should pay the balance only when you are happy with the door supplied and work done. Many companies all over Malaysia offer folding patio doors. Though some conveniently operate within their local area, others are willing to accept jobs from over a wider area. That’s why it’s important to do research on your own and see what are the options that are available for your area. Most would want to have their doors installed by a local or national company with good reputation, what really matter is personal preference and price.

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